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Trend Maps and Shale Maps - Eagle Ford, Cline Shale, Permian, etc. Well Data, Pipeline Data and Culture Data, all-in-one solutions Custom GIS Mapping Services, leases, ranches, city maps and more Texas drilling permit report, updated weekly with map

 County Maps for all of Texas When all you need are pipelines, pipeline data for all of Texas Custom ranch maps, every ranch needs a good map Oklahoma intent to drill report, updated every week

 City Maps for all Texas Cities Just need base layers... get at the layers you need with our UltraBase    
   As always we offer our abstract layers for free!    



Weekly Texas Drilling Permits Report

 PetroSwell Maps & Data releases our weekly Texas Drilling Permits Report every Monday.

 Our Texas Drilling Permits report includes all drilling permits filed in the State of Texas during the previous 7 days…this is as up-to-date as you can get without subscribing to our daily Texas drilling permits report.

 Well information you will find included here will be operator, lease name, total depth, county, district and whether or not the well is permitted as a traditional vertical well or a permitted as a horizontal well.

 PetroSwell’s daily Texas drilling permits report includes additional fields such as geological field, operator contact information, date of application, API number, well type and more.  Click here if you’d like more information about our daily reports.

Check out our new Permitted Locations Map...

It shows the different horizontal and vertical wells that were permitted last week!




Check out our awesome selection of City Maps, full coverage for Texas.

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