Setting the Standard
in GIS and Geospatial Data Services

Led by the most advanced GIS and geospatial data specialists in the industry, PetroSwell brings your project cutting edge geographic information services as well as state of the art data generation, processing and analysis capabilities. We apply state-of-the-art Machine Learning and AI technologies while maintaining some of the most comprehensive geospatial and property records databases in the country. Our experts add direct, measurable, value to your project. Whether we're assisting in land management, reporting, pipeline right-of-way projects, permitting, engineering projects, land and mineral acquisitions, project management or building enterprise software solutions, our experienced team of industry leading specialist put the power of BIG data, cutting edge geospatial visualization and geospatial analysis to work for you. It's our mission to enhance your understanding, bring you more value and increase your project efficiency.

PetroSwell offers the following GIS and Geospatial Data Services:

  • GIS Staffing
  • Shapefile creation and editing
  • Lease Mapping
  • Aerial Imagery Acquisition, processing, etc.
  • Application of Machine Learning and AI algorithms for building custom datasets from aerial and geospatial assets
    (eg. storage tanks, drilling pads, unpublished/private roads, or other client specified criteria)
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Custom database creation, manipulation and processing
  • Mineral Ownership Mapping
  • Oil and Gas Lease Acquisition Visualization
  • Lease Records Management
  • Custom GIS reports, maps and research
  • GIS data for purchase
  • Hard to find data
  • Asset Management
  • Super fast mapping and data request turnaround
  • Land Administration Support
  • Right-of-way services
  • File Review/Assimilation and Data Entry
  • Python, PHP and other programming services
  • Project Management
  • Real time ROW reporting
  • Cartographic services
  • Slope distance calculations using elevation data

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